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You need to stand out online to win more business from your competitors. We can make it happen!

How It Works

Schedule a demo with us so we can show you how the software works


Schedule a 30-minute demo with us so we can show you how the software works.

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Get started by filling-out the online form. We will setup an account for your business.


Get started by filling-out the online form. We'll setup an account for your business shortly.

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The software starts collecting 5 star reviews for your business online on autopilot


The ORM software starts collecting 5-star reviews for your business online on autopilot!

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Request Customer Reviews

Request customer reviews

Optional Review Gating

Optional review gating

Organic Rank Tracking

Organic rank tracking

Reputation Monitoring

Reputation Monitoring

Online Listing Service

Online listing service

Listing Accuracy Review

Listing accuracy review

Social Media Content Posting

Social media content posting

Search Keywords Monitoring

Search keywords monitoring

All-In-One Reputation Management Software

Our ORM software is an all-in-one tool that gives you a clear overview of your business' online reputation and organic ranking performance. You only need to input the customers' First Name, Last Name and Email Address in the software for it to do its magic. Here's some of its core functionalities:


  • Request for a feedback from your customers through email or SMS.
  • Review gating can be turned on so that 1-3 star reviews can be internalized and not posted online.
  • Social media content posting feature allowing you to post to multiple profiles at once.
  • Monitors your business' profiles and listings in hundreds of listing and review sites online.
  • Tracks the business' influencers who interact and engage with your business in social media.
  • Collate reviews online with the option to embed a widget on your website highlighting the reviews.
  • Provides accurate statistics of website traffic and social media posting performance over time.
  • Advises on which review websites and business directories your business should be listed in.
  • Generates 10 types of business reports highlighting performance and areas for improvements.
Online Reputation Management Software - Reviews Illustration

Trending Hashtags Tracking

Trending hashtags tracking

Online Activity Timeline

Online activity timeline

Directory Listing Advisor

Directory listing advisor

Review Listing Advisor

Review listing advisor

Generate Business Reports

Generate business reports

Google Analytics Integration

Google analytics integration

Email/Twilio Integration

Custom email and Twilio integration

Embed Review Widgets

Embed review widgets on your website
Online Reputation Management Software Features

Build Your Business Reputation Online

We have seen it too many times. We know that it may take years to generate hundreds to thousands of good reviews online but a few bad reviews can go viral and truly hurt a business. Having a high rating on average (4.5 stars or higher) increases the business' organic ranking and mitigates the impact of any occasional one-star review either from real customers or even competitors. You've got to promote and protect your business at the same time!


But if your business is not even in the top ten therefore you're not making it easier for potential customers to find you online let alone choose your business, you need to get started now. Remember that more than 99% of businesses do not actively ask their customers for a feedback and rating online. You have an opportunity to get ahead of the competition by doing so and eventually dominate the search results and ranking online by using an effective online reputation management tool that facilitates the request and flow of positive reviews about your business. Start with a free trial!

Build your business reputation online

Use Our Software for Free

Use our ORM software for free for 14 days. If you need an extension, just let us know. You'll definitely see a tremendous impact to your business within that period with our software on autopilot. Request as many customer reviews every day as you want by automated campaigns, all for free during the trial period. Even turn on the gating feature, if you like. Enjoy our software totally free for 14 days! No strings attached.


When you're ready to subscribe, the monthly fee is only $199. If you have another business or branch, you'll enjoy a 50% discount for each additional location/business for only $99 per month. Get 2 months free if you pay annually.


To get started with the free trial, schedule a 30-minute demo with us so we can show you how the software works. Select the button below to choose your preferred schedule. You can also use our chat widget on the bottom right of this page if you have questions and to set an appointment.

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Call JMXCreatives Digital Agency in the Philippines

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